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You Don’t Have It Made Unless It Is Protected

By: Jeffrey R. Matsen

Recently we have had several clients who have come to us for estate, income tax and asset protection planning because they have either built up a substantial net worth over a period of time or they have suddenly come into large sums of money because of selling a business or through inheritance. These clients are, obviously, interested in formulating an estate plan to pass their wealth through to their children and other heirs in the most tax efficient manner possible. However, they are also very concerned (or should be) about preserving and protecting the assets that they have for their own lifetime.

Unlike some other estate planning attorneys, Matsen Voorhees LLP, knows and appreciates that asset protection planning is a major part of estate planning. We want our clients to be protected from specious lawsuits, from accidents and mishaps and from financial and/or business reversals. We analyze and review each client’s personal situation and then design an asset protection plan that is closely integrated with their estate and income tax planning. In this regard, we utilize several different designs and techniques including domestic asset protection trusts, limited liability companies, private placement life insurance and various offshore strategies.

Any professional, physician, real estate investor, business executive/owner and other people of high net worth have an urgent and constant need to minimize risk and preserve and protect their assets. We are very pleased that at Matsen Voorhees Mintz these considerations are not only reviewed and analyzed, but transformed into cutting edge protection plans and structures that result in solid and effective asset preservation. We understand that once you obtain wealth, you need to make sure that your wealth is preserved and enhanced.

Please contact us at 714-384-6500 if you have any questions or clients who could benefit from our help in this area.

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